The Creative Training Idea Book: Inspired Tips and by Robert W. Lucas

By Robert W. Lucas

This can be a number of useful how you can make education enjoyable and potent.

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They should have ample time to process what was received and then be able to take notes or ask questions as they feel necessary. Slowing your rate of 34 ● The Creative Training Idea Book speech and reducing the numbers of points presented in a session can assist in accomplishing this. Reviewed and tied to previously learned concepts every 15–20 minutes in order to cement them into memory and enhance understanding of the overall scheme of the concept or material. Like other brain-based research, the study of memory has led to some significant advances into understanding how the human mind works.

Originality should be used in the design of your program materials, content, delivery, and environment. ” on content and application of what is learned if they are presented with opportunities to receive and process information based on their own training needs and modalities. Differentiation of your materials and approach from that of others, or from what participants already know, can stimulate learning. You can accomplish this by verbally explaining differences, demonstrating or “walking the talk,” allowing learners to participate in activities in which they come to this realization on their own, or by taking a contrary approach.

Understanding these can assist you in building a training program that takes a multifaceted approach to stimulating learner memory. Sensory memory, sometimes referred to as sensory register, is the first aspect of memorization. All incoming stimuli come through the five senses and are held there long enough (milliseconds) to recognize and either pass it along to working memory or discard it. This is one reason for developing activities and delivering information that focuses on all the different intelligences that you read about earlier.

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