Arms and Armour of the Warrior Saints: Tradition and by Piotr L. Grotowski

By Piotr L. Grotowski

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4246-7 [XII B 7] (= LT, and (TaryiTTonotov5) as part of the baggage train. Dawson (1998, 47-8) states that the timeconsuming process of `knitting' mail was carried out in medieval Europe by women; it is impossible to say if this was also the case in Byzantium. 6 See Haldon 1984, 321. Bowyers are also mentioned in the Miracles of St Artemios. e. Byzantines) to own a bow (STRAT. 7828-30 [12]: Xpil navtas TovS v£cutiepou5 `Pwµaious Sixa Twv &OvtKiwv ToiS µexpt TEGGapaxovTa ET(AV &vayKacEGeal, EhTE Kat& ko^(oV o'SaGn To pxicn E{TE is'CpiwS, 26 nhvtwC Tol ocpaprcpa (pop£ly ).

G. in KEDRENOS Soldiers' salaries and changes in the army's wage structure are examined by Southern/Dixon 1996, 76-82 (for the Late Roman period, with special considera1:75318-22. SOURCES 23 Justinian I replaced these handouts of clothing and arms by their monetary equivalent, but already Maurice reverted to the free distribution of arms from the imperial armamenton, though not without provoking the army's objections 23 Constantine Porphyrogennetos in his part of the continuation of Theophanes' chronicle, describing Basil I's reorganization of the units of tagmata in the capital, states that the emperor mustered and armed the soldiers24 The outfitting of the army by the emperor is also mentioned by many other Middle Byzantine sources, tion of annona-for which, see also E.

13 THEOPHANES 1:29717; Haldon 1984, 319. The etymology of the word armamenton is discussed by Mihaescu 1968, 490-1. 14 In the Taktikon Uspensky, archontes and chartoularioi of the armamenton are listed with the rank of spatharios (OIKONOMIDES, pp. 5726, 6114). See also DE CER 67320-6744 [II 45], where during preparations for John I Tzimiskes' expedition to Crete in 949 a certain Joachim is described as &pxwv tiov &pµaµevtiov. The title of zabareiotis is also listed among the court ranks in Ibn Hawqal's description of the world (VASILIEV, 2/2:412).

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