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6. Codes applicable at the time of design may be used as a basis for the first assessment, which should indicate if any major oversights or omissions have occurred, or provide assurance that the structure had a satisfactory professional input at its original design stage. There are very few codes of practice dating from before the 1930s. 2 Serviceability and structural safety Serviceability is very much ‘in the eye of the user’. For existing structures, the requirements of serviceability should be stipulated by the user in consultation with the engineer.

How sensitive is the assessment of the performance failure mechanism to the accuracy of the data? 3, isolated low strengths from small diameter cores taken from the columns would not be significant provided that no visual signs of distress were present, since both the risk of sudden performance failure and the consequences of failure would be very low. g. 8 or over-reinforced concrete beams. Similarly, the collapse of a member that could lead to loss of life should be treated with a heightened level of concern compared with a local failure merely affecting serviceability.

Metal fatigue. E. Behaviour of reinforced concrete flat slabs. CIRIA Report 89. 6 Building Research Establishment. The Structure of Ronan Point and other Taylor Woodrow-Anglian buildings. BRE Report 63. 7 Ross, P. Appraisal and repair of timber structures. 1 Commissioning of testing and monitoring works Testing and monitoring works may be commissioned by the engineer or directly by the client on the recommendation of the engineer. Whilst the latter arrangement has contractual and legal advantages for the engineer and the client, it may pose practical difficulties in the process of undertaking the investigation and associated assessment.

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