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By Apple Computer

Developer Documentation to OS X and iOS AppKit, 5051 pages. ordinary from Apple. traditionally asingle huge publication reminiscent of this, the entire long ago from subsequent Step days in 1990 ( appropriate for over twenty years, and a part of all Apple present items, and xPlatform OPENSTEP, GNUstep, Cocotron AppKit for MS home windows (, and plenty of incarnations of AppKit to permit Objective-C programming on non Apple OSes. the same moment huge guide is "Foundation".

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NSTableView is ideal for, but not limited to, displaying database records, where rows correspond to each record and columns contain record attributes. The user can edit individual cells and rearrange the columns. You control the behavior and content of an NSTableView object by setting its delegate and data source objects. Text and Fonts The NSTextField class implements a simple editable text field, and the NSTextView class provides more comprehensive editing features for larger text bodies. NSTextView, a subclass of the abstract NSText class, defines the interface to Cocoa’s extended text system.

Graphics and Color The classes NSImage and NSImageRep encapsulate graphics data, allowing you to easily and efficiently access images stored in files on the disk and displayed on the screen. NSImageRep subclasses each know how to draw an image from a particular kind of source data. The presentation of an image is greatly influenced by the hardware that it’s displayed on. For example, a particular image may look good on a color monitor, but may be too “rich” for monochrome. Through the image classes, you can group representations of the same image, where each representation fits a specific type of display device—the decision of which representation to use can be left to the NSImage class itself.

Protocols: draggable objects conform to the NSDraggingSource protocol, and destination objects (receivers of a drop) conform to the NSDraggingDestination protocol. The Application Kit hides all the details of tracking the cursor and displaying the dragged image. Printing The NSPrinter, NSPrintPanel, NSPageLayout, and NSPrintInfo classes work together to provide the means for printing the information that your application displays in its windows and views. You can also create an EPS representation of an NSView.

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