Alchemies of the Mind: Rationality and the Emotions by Jon Elster

By Jon Elster

Jon Elster has written a complete, wide-ranging ebook at the feelings during which he considers the complete diversity of theoretical ways. Drawing on heritage, literature, philosophy and psychology Elster provides an entire account of the position of the feelings in human habit. Combining methodological and theoretical arguments with empirical case stories and written with Elster's typical verve and economic climate, this booklet could have a extensive entice these in philosophy, psychology, economics, political technological know-how, in addition to literary reports, historical past, and sociology.

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Billon appeals to the fact that stock descriptions of thought insertions readily compare the inserted thought to representations lacking intrinsic phenomenality. Some patients talk of pictures being flashed in their mind, others of mere pieces of information, or, more frequently, of voices. All of those are representations of which we can be aware thanks to “second-order” states, but which have no phenomenality in and of themselves. Relatedly, Billon appeals to the fact that this hypothesis would neatly explain certain experimental data, such as the well-documented phenomenological and neurobiological continuity between thought insertion and alien voices (Miller 1996, Moritz and Larøi 2008, Copolov et al.

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