Advances in Chemical Physics, by I Prigogine

By I Prigogine

Insurance contains 5 chapters entitled Criticality of Ionic Fluids; Mode Coupling conception method of Liquid nation Dynamics; Anomalous Stochastic approaches within the Fractional Dynamics Framework: Fokker-Planck; second unfastened Energies for Polydisperse structures; and Chemical Physics of the Electrode-Electrolyte Interface.

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Lett. 75 826 [40] Ashkin A, Dziedzic J M and Yamane T 1987 Optical trapping and manipulation of single cells using infrared laser beams Nature 330 769 [41] Sato S, Ishigure M and Inaba H 1991 Optical trapping and rotational manipulation of microscopic particles and biological cells using higher-order mode Nd:YAG laser beams Electron. Lett. 27 1831 [42] Ladavac K and Grier D G 2004 Microoptomechanical pumps assembled and driven by holographic optical vortex arrays Opt. Exp. 12 1144 [43] Vasnetsov M V, Torres J P, Petrov D V and Torner L 2003 Observation of the orbital angular momentum spectrum of a light beam Opt.

18 1678 [15] Finer J T, Simmons R M and Spudich J A 1994 Single myosin molecule mechanics: piconewton forces and nanometre steps Nature 368 113 [16] Wang M D, Yin H, Landick R, Gelles J and Block S M 1997 Stretching DNA with optical tweezers Biophys. J. 72 1335 [17] Cecconi C, Shank E A, Bustamante C and Marqusee S 2005 Direct observation of the threestate folding of a single protein molecule Science 309 2057 [18] MacDonald M, Spalding G and Dholakia K 2003 Microfluidic sorting in an optical lattice Nature 426 421 [19] Liang H, Wright W H, Rieder C L, Salmon E D, Profeta G, Andrews J, Liu Y, Sonek G J and Berns M W 1994 Directed movement of chromosome arms and fragments in mitotic newt lung cells using optical scissors and optical tweezers Expt.

Squeezed states are of interest in many areas because they may be used for high-precision measurements. By squeezing the uncertainty in the direction of the variable you wish to measure, that variable can be measured to a greatly enhanced level of accuracy. The cost of course, is that the conjugate variable cannot be measured with much accuracy at the same time. Squeezed states have been used, for example, to make the high precision measurements needed for gravitational wave detection in experiments such as those of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), where the first verified gravitational wave detection occurred in 2016.

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