ADA An Introduction: Ada Reference Manual (July 1980) by Henry Ledgard (auth.)

By Henry Ledgard (auth.)

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This process continues, successively advancing a queen until a safe position in a column is found. If a configuration arises in which no queen can be safely placed in a given column, the queen already positioned in the previous column is advanced to the next row. The entire process continues until a complete configuration is found. One small point. Two queens lie on the same downward diagonal if the difference between the row and column coordinates is the same. Similarly, two queens lie on the same upward diagonal if the sums of their individual row and column positions are identical.

For instance, the multiplying operations * and I are applied before the adding operators + and -, the adding operators are applied before the relational operators = and < and the relational operators are applied before the logical operators and and or. In order to maintain the security afforded by types, each operator in an expression is applicable only to operands of specified types, and yields a result of some specified type. For example, the adding operators + and - are only applicable to numeric values of the same type and yield a result of the same type.

On the other hand, the four board status arrays declared in the outer procedure QUEENS are used in the four nested subprograms. This example illustrates two fundamental rules about nesting: • Items declared within a program unit are local to the unit. • A reference to an item not declared within a program unit refers to the item declared in the nearest enclosing unit. Notice that as a result of nesting, a program unit may declare a new meaning for an identifier that happens to be also declared in an outer unit.

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