A companion to cognitive science by William Bechtel, George Graham

By William Bechtel, George Graham

Unequalled within the caliber of its world-renowned participants, this multidisciplinary better half serves as either a direction textual content and a reference ebook around the large spectrum of problems with crisis to cognitive technology.

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Despite massive effort, ENIAC remained incomplete until 1946. " It was, however, only fully realized in ENIAC's successor, EDVAC (Electronic Discrete Variable Computer), and has continued to play a central role in computing to the present. At the heart of von Neumann architecture is a distinction between a computer's memory and its central processing unit (CPU). One of von Neumann's innovations was to recognize that the instructions comprising a program could be stored in memory in the same manner as the data being operated upon.

Some (indicated by asterisks) are recommended readings that were selected to take the reader to the next level of understanding of the topics covered in the article. The others are works cited in the article. The number of citations has been minimized so as to allocate the greatest amount of space to exposition. The Organization of the Companion The companion is organized in six parts. What are those parts? And what are they designed to do? Part I is an overview and anticipation of the whole of cognitive science.

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