3ds Max 9 Essentials (Autodesk Training Courseware)

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3. Right-click the viewport label in the top-left corner and choose Views > Right. 7. Drag out a rectangle approximately 60 units wide and 40 units in height. Position it as shown below. 32 ■ Chapter 1: Getting Started 8. On the Object Type rollout, deselect the Start New 13. Press the F3 key again; the Right viewport returns to Shape check box to turn it off. Wireframe display. 14. On the Create panel, click the Geometry button and then click Box. 15. Create a box along the bottom of the frame approximately 8 units in Length and 1 unit in Height.

Release the arrow key, press a bracket key one or more times to change the speed, and then resume navigating with the arrow key. The User viewport changes to a Perspective viewport. One of the buttons in the viewport control group changes. 3. Click the Field Of View button. 4. Click and drag in the Perspective viewport and the view will move in and out along the perspective view line. Note: Use care with the Field of View tool. Extreme distortion of the perspective can occur if the field of view is made too large.

3. Click the Play Animation button. The animation plays in the User viewport. 4. While the animation is still playing, right-click in the Top viewport. The animation playback switches to that view. 20 ■ Chapter 1: Getting Started 5. Click the Play Animation button again (it now looks like a “pause” symbol) to stop the playback. Above is the most common layout of the viewport control tools. This layout appears when a orthogonal viewport is active, such a Top, Front, or User viewport. 6. Click the white Cue Ball object to select it.

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