In 2017, the united kingdom made PrEP offered to 10,000 males that have intercourse with guys across 200 British clinics

To ensure that PrEP to produce effective prevention it must certanly be taken precisely and regularly. 66 Guys who possess intercourse with males ought to be counselled and informed concerning the use that is correct of prior to it being offered. PrEP will not offer security against STIs, if perhaps perhaps not taken regularly is a lot less efficient, therefore will not replace other avoidance choices like condoms.

There has been issues that PrEP usage may lead to a lowering of condom usage, nevertheless these have already been refuted by studies, such as the PROUD study in the UK. 67 A 2019 evidence review analysing 20 studies that are prEP studies found high prices of STIs among men who possess sex with males whom utilize PrEP. Nonetheless, this will not indicate use that is prEP causing STI rates to increase. 68 69

A report posted in 2018 points to your known proven fact that STI prices among males who’ve intercourse with guys have now been increasing for the past two decades, this means PrEP alone cannot give an explanation for enhance. Continue reading