How many times are you experiencing intercourse whenever in a relationship?

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(Original post by Anonymous) Ive been with my bf for just two years now, we now have intercourse between 1-3 times a week, this quantity happens to be fairly constant throughout our relationship (now and then varying).

How frequently are you experiencing intercourse whenever in a relationship?

Has it for ages been this amount, has it got pretty much as times passed away?

Perhaps you have dropped in to a kind that is routine of?

How has got the greater sexual drive inside you relationship?

Been with my bf for just two years, now have intercourse about once per month.

Ended up being with my ex for 36 months so we had sex few times a week.

Once I first began venturing out with my bf for around 2 months we’d intercourse most times in the week-end usually several times a day.

We’ve no routine, it’s when he really wants to have intercourse.

We have a ridiculously high sexual interest, and have always been therefore frustrated.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for half a year but just see eachother at weekends and now have intercourse about 7/8 times from fri-sun

its probably increased since the more we do so the greater amount of we should

it really is a routine kinda. but just cos we now have 3 days together so need certainly to take advantage

it differs, me personally regarding the friday, him regarding the saturday, then both equally sunday

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