Judy Brady’s Legendary Feminist Satire, “I Would Like a Wife”

Among the best-remembered pieces through the premiere problem of Ms. mag is “I would like a Wife.” Judy Brady’s (then Judy Syfers) tongue-in-cheek essay explained in one single web page just what all way too many men had overlooked about “housewives.”

Just what Does a Wife Do?

“i would like a Wife” ended up being a funny piece that also made a significant point: women that played the part of “wife” did many helpful things for husbands and often kids without anybody realizing. Also less, it had beenn’t acknowledged that these “wife’s tasks” might have been carried out by an individual who wasn’t a spouse, such as for example a guy.

“i would like a spouse who’ll manage my needs that are physical. A wife is wanted by me that will keep the house clean. a spouse that will grab after my kids hot latin brides com, a spouse who can grab after me personally.”

The specified spouse tasks included:

  • Work to support us and so I can get back to school
  • Care for the youngsters, including feeding them and nurturing them, maintaining them clean, caring for their garments, caring for their education and life that is social
  • Keep an eye on dentist and doctor appointments
  • Keep the house neat and get after me personally
  • Make sure that my individual things are where I’m able to see them once I need them
  • Care for the arrangements that are babysitting
  • Be responsive to my needs that are sexual
  • But don’t need attention whenever I have always been perhaps maybe not within the mood
  • Never bother me personally with complaints in regards to a wife’s duties

The essay fleshed down these duties and detailed other people. Continue reading