in this essay, we will cover Business Management Essay

The business management lecture provided a perspective that is practical the topic of leadership.

More specifically, the lecturer explained what leadership really means. More specifically, a leader is someone “who serves people in such an inspirational, trusting, respectful, caring way that individuals want to follow you”. Furthermore, he emphasized that true leadership is based on self-leadership this means serving oneself “in such an inspirational, trusting, respectful, caring way that you would like to check out yourself”. For me, being a leader that is good relates to business management. To start with, an individual who excels at self-leadership, will almost certainly excel at leading others. Additionally, concepts of self-leadership and organizational leadership are closely intertwined. However, self-leadership always comes first. Most of the time, the lecture supports the proven fact that management is dependant on good leadership. The lecturer explains that staying at the top a business is not enough to be looked at a leader. What exactly is more, I was impressed by one of many examples given by the speaker. He told a quick story: while coaching an organization CEO, the coach (lecturer) asked him if he had been a leader that is good. The CEO answered since he was chosen to lead the company that he obviously was. Continue reading